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Animal Attacks Archives

Woman loses finger in California dog attack

Dogs are a "human's best friend," and they give love and protection to millions of Americans who can care properly for them. The natural state of a dog, especially one at high risk for behavioral problems, is never far below the surface, and California law seeks to mitigate the damage and injuries caused by an unexpected animal attack on humans or their property.

8-year-old dog bite victim was not the first attacked

Domestic animals of all types populate California homes, and the vast majority are well-trained and well-behaved, outside the occasional broken glass or scratched chair thanks to a furry friend. Animals still default to their wild instincts on occasion, however, and several more dangerous animals require extra care by owners and citizens alike to avoid injury and suffering due to bites and other animal attacks.

Why do cats attack?

People are often wary of dogs, understanding their power and position in the predator-prey hierarchy. However, cats also attack. Although they may not be as dangerous as some dogs due to their small size, injuries can still be significant. It's important to know why attacks by cats may happen.

Even dog breeds not known for violence sometimes attack

When people think about dog bites and attacks, they often think of breeds with a reputation for violence, such as pit bulls. However, it's important to remember that even dogs without this reputation may bite. For example, here are a few breeds that one study found had attacked people, as unexpected as it may be:

Are mail carriers really bitten by dogs?

There's this rather cliche image of a mail carrier running away from a barking dog, sprinting back to the van with a U.S. Postal Service bag over his or her shoulder, trying not to get bitten while just dropping off the mail. But is this more than just a cliche, the type of thing you see in newspaper cartoons? Does it really happen?

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